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For the second consecutive year, RubyLaw has partnered with the Legal Marketing Association to provide legal marketers everywhere with the 2023 Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint.

RubyLaw is the sector's leading Content Lifecycle Management platform, and a solution that powers websites, automates the creation of proposal documents, manages law firm experience content, and much more.

To ensure that our platform remains on the cutting-edge, we've spent the past five years researching and understanding the prevailing technological systems and tools used by firms of all sizes. Each year, as more firms participate, our understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing law firms and their go-to-market teams, with an emphasis on marketing technology, improves.

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Background on the study

In late 2018, we created a "blueprint" to help our team better appreciate how law firms organize and deploy their marketing technology. We asked experts from across legal marketing to weigh in. Then, in 2019, seeing an opportunity for this document to benefit other practitioners, we released the first public-facing version of the legal marketing technology ecosystem.

We adopted the categories popularized by Scott Brinker, including: Advertising & Promotion, Content & Experience, Social & Relationships, Sales, Data, and Management, and we applied them to legal. We examined technology systems used by firms of all sizes, and published the blueprint with the idea being that firms could document the current state of their technology and then be aspirational about the future, adopting new systems to accomplish new objectives, meet certain needs, and fill gaping holes.

Next, we articulated our point of view: that it’s critical to select systems of appropriate size and power while avoiding misfits. Just as no one wants to wear a pair of shoes two sizes too big, choosing powerful, “best-in-class” systems that your firm can’t use optimally (or—the opposite—trying to squeeze into a too basic of a solution when you’re a global enterprise) is wasteful. Instead, we suggested focusing on making smart, efficient decisions that align with firm culture, team capabilities, budget, and relative complexity. We believe these ideas still hold although, tech stacks are not meant to be fixed in time. Rather, they must evolve to continue supporting the ever-changing nature of business and life itself.

To this end, the 2023 edition of the Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint is more representative than ever. This year's version is more comprehensive and inclusive, factoring in the perspectives of smaller firms from around the world.

To view your copy of the Legal Marketing Technology Stack Blueprint, please complete the form on this page.

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