About Stack Ranking, Part 1

On Thursday, July 14, RubyLaw hosted an exclusive webinar focused on the results of the 2022 Legal Marketing Tech Study.

Our program covered the initial findings that led to the 2022 RubyLaw Legal Marketing Tech Stack Blueprint, as well as the caveats and conditions influencing the eventual document.

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For the past four years, the RubyLaw team has studied the systems and tools employed by legal marketers, i.e., the legal marketing technology ecosystem, compiling a blueprint to map the most prevalent ones in use.

RubyLaw is the legal sector's leading Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, and a solution that powers websites, automates the creation of proposal and pitch documents, manages experience content, and much more. Our study helps us to better serve our clients and evolve our platform, while also educating the sector on emerging trends shaping and influencing the profession of legal marketing.

In 2022, we partnered with the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) to extend our reach and impact. This collaboration has proven a success, as the 2022 edition is more comprehensive and inclusive than ever before, with three times as many participants than in prior years.

After releasing the official 2022 RubyLaw Legal Marketing Tech Stack, pictured below, we led a two-part series to review the document (Stack Ranking, Part 1; July 14, 2022) and provide deeper insights (Stack Ranking, Part 2; September 30, 2022).


To request your copy of the 2022 RubyLaw Legal Marketing Tech Stack Blueprint, please click this link.

About RubyLaw 

RubyLaw is a Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform that powers websites, manages experience data, curates and automates marketing documents in native formats, and ensures the integrity of digital content for law firms at all levels of technological maturity. Contact us today to learn more!